SAFE aims to: ‘reduce the vulnerability of low income households to environmental hazards such as flooding and strong winds’. We do this through promoting improved house building techniques and environmental initiatives such as tree planting.



Our building program is aimed at increasing community self reliance by creating skilled and informed local builders, craftsmen and house owners. There is no need to make major changes in building technology; this should actually be resisted since Bangladesh and many hazard prone countries are littered with failed projects aimed at fundamental change. Instead we will promote tried and tested techniques that build on existing construction practices.

We show people why these techniques are important by through practical workshops and use traditional song to reinforce these messages. We build demonstration houses so that people can see and experience our ideas first.

Our strong links with learning organisation Housing and Hazards, RedR UK and BRAC University allow us to provide a platform for students and other building professionals to gain first hand experience of low cost building techniques and the challenges facing NGOs on the ground.

Our environmental work focusses on raising awareness of the importance of a diverse environment and includes tree planting initiatives with local schools and communities.

Tree planting workshop with local students

The information on this site sets out the background behind these techniques and the process we will use to disseminate them.