Community Centre Design Workshop, Jorgen Babur Mart

Phase 2: Community Centre

SAFE has now started phase 2 of our proposal in Jorgen Babur Mart which involves the designing of a community centre.  Two architecture students recently come across from Scotland to carry out the project which involves submitting a report to UNDP to appeal for funding. You can download it from the reports page.

On the 30th and 31st July, SAFE held a design workshop with the local community of Jorgen Babur Mart.  The objective of the workshop was to understand the community’s requirements in a community centre and to inform them on the construction choice of mud and bamboo which SAFE specialises in.

Over the two days participants had to design their dream community centre, discuss the availability of recycled materials locally, discuss building considerations such as light and ventilation and decide on a maintenance and management set for the building upon completion.

The activities held during these two days helped inform the architects on the community’s requirements and highlighted the need for resources within the community.  The workshop was a great success as the participants were very enthusiastic. One of the community members stood up at the end of the workshop and said that tonight he will dream of the new community centre but asked us when will his dream become a reality?  More news will follow to update you on the progress of this project.


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