International Construction Workshop In Sundarban Dinajpur, Bangladesh.

Description for demo house – 5  At the beginning SAFE Bangladesh song team sang a song before starting the workshop. First of all participants were divided in to three groups and then the main work started.  At first we make mud block. The house builds with mud blocks. Mud blocks make with crush mud, sand, 5% cement and water too.

1st team works for making mud blocks, 2nd team works for making mud block house, 3rd team works for making window and door. Local house builder local Students and International people from Scotland and UK 13 persons join this workshop. Total participant are 39. The mud house is 16.5 feet’s long and 10.5 feet’s width. And using many technique in the wall  like bamboo ring beam for strong wall soling, ventilation for sun light and window and door use bamboo arrest for design .The house is 4 chala roof with C I sheet  Now it is very nice house. We are using this house many thinks, they are crash mud, sand, cement, rope, wire, bamboo, bamboo pin and water too. We hope this houseprotect those thing such strong Wind. Rain Flood .and Earthquake.protect those thing such strong Wind. Rain Flood .and Earthquake

Block house making time table: It start 22 August and finish 24 September. The mud block house is making time for 34 days.

News for SAFE supported demo houses :- In this month news for SAFE supported demo houses in Jugantor, Pollibrtha, kalarkonto and prothom -Allo etc and some journalist. Visit our demo house .Get some idea about house maybe there are papering . Now Familiar all over Bangladesh SAFE Bangladesh Organization and what kind of activates SAFE implementation for environment. It is good for our program.

Tree plantation: We plant tree on away of  Bangkali up to SAFE office and River side in foot ball place and community group members this month more then one thousand tree planted and two hundred fifty basket for tree and one day one session held  song team preferment for  community people  awareness .So we hope people are aware to planted tree for environment development.

SAFE song  team  singing song  about tree plantation and Football match:- In this period one day one session held one flock song in this football field for aware to community people about tree plantation program many singer are attend the main song was plant tree more and more develop your environment.  and football mach UK vs. sundarban young Jane ration  many people come from deferent place  for enjoy the football match.

Near the football field many shop come for selling their goods. People are sys it is very interesting and enjoyable.


Visit for mud house school, mud house and historical place: At first we go to visit for Kantonagor. It is very nice and old temple for Hindus. It has nice place inside and outside historical place also for fair. After then we go to visit for Rudrapur mud house school and some mud house. We take lunch in Ramsagar. Ramsagar is the historical place. It is the big pond. The pond digs by the king of Rammohon.


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  1. Good work on the news – is that Apu?

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