SAFE Tree Plantation Programme 2011

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Shelter and Biodiversity Centre

Sundorbon village, Ramdubihat, Sador, Dinajpur


Aim of the centre: To provide a small -scale participatory action research related to shelter and biodiversity in rural areas.

It will generate appropriate educational materials on rural housing and environmental issues.


Participatory action research on the development of ecologically balanced planting design options by the rural roadsides of Bangladesh.

Location:  An earthen rural road, raised above adjacent low lands in Sundorbon village Dinajpur.

The road starts from a village market called Bankali Bazzar, situated by the highway. The road goes through agricultural lands, family homesteads, bamboo groves and ends where it meets the river Atri.

Initially the project will be funded by the researchers themselves and it is hoped that local people will help to maintain the trees.


To develop different planting design creating varied habitat conditions by the roadside.

To create aesthetically pleasant environment through appropriate planting.

To create and repair habitat for local wildlife.

To raise awareness about ecologically balanced environments among people.

Tentative outcomes: the research will generate a list of planting design options and a combination of plant communities considering habitat conditions.

It will question perception of planting aesthetics of different groups of people e.g. urban-rural people, men, women, children, elderly, different religious and economic background etc.

It will create an impact on local microclimate and local ecosystem.

It will raise awareness about people’s responsibility for reducing biodiversity.

It will reduce soil erosion strengthening road networks.

It will create opportunities to introduce wild fruit-bearing plants which are locally native and/or threatened to supply for local wildlife and for children.

It will generate an appropriate knowledge base on plant and planting design through synthesis of traditional and academic knowledge base which will create awareness among people of this bioregion.

It will become a source of certain medicinal plants.

It will generate knowledge on possibilities of small scale cultivation of natural building materials such as bamboo and tall grasses.


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