Bamboo Cultivation And Rural Housing Workshop In Dinajpur

Bamboo Cultivation and Rural housing workshop in Dinajpur

On 22 December 2011

Introduction:- For the past all most  four year SAFE (Simple Action for the Environment) has been working closely with a community low cost Bamboo and med well house in Dinajpur and ( SAFE has successfully run Bamboo Cultivation Rural housing workshop in Sundarban, Dinajpur 22 december 2011. Participants teamed up with local house builders, Bamboo cultivator both men and women. Bangladesh is poorest country and 80% people live in village. So 56% of housing is rural areas. Bamboo cultivation especially northern pat ofBangladesh and hill task but bamboo use all over theBangladesh so need our more bamboo cultivation in our country.

The workshop aims and objective:- The workshop was attended 30 local house builders, Bamboo cultivator both men and women. Involved song team and SAFE staff. The objective was to understand the community people requirements Bamboo cultivation and rural housing in Dinajpur and awareness to community people about bamboo cultivation for environment development and run money more.

 Outcome:- All of participants agree coming season all most 86 decimal land bamboo will be cultivated and very glade about attend our this type workshop they are interstate 3 days it will be good for us Three groups of 7were set up and each group was given material and asked why need bamboo cultivation Throughout the workshop the percipient were able to express their spatial requirements about bamboo cultivation and a full understanding why this workshop. The participants agreed that during bamboo planted time they are most be planted bamboo.

Why need bamboo cultivation:- Bamboo cultivation needs to people not only related to housing need to environment development and socio economic development.

Environment development for bamboo cultivation:- Environment development and increasing natural beautiful and it is important natural resource and also claimed chance.

Bamboo treatment and use for housing and e.g. :- And how to bamboo treatment last longer and useful Bamboo used in the structure was Bamboo treated a solution of boric acid, borax and water. This solution penetrates the bamboo easily, reducing the level of sap in the bamboo and making it less likely to damage by insects. A vertical soak diffusion technique. Bamboo use the various purpose like building material, scaffolding, Shuttering, ladders for various construction works, rural bridges and tools.

Dement for bamboo in the would: – There is still high demand for bamboo, not onlyBangladesh but also all over the would, bamboo is the main raw material for paper factories, handicrafts and others factories.

Learning :- We learning this workshop need participant food, workshop place, song team for advertise our aims and  objective, PA equipment and proper planning and budget After that we smoothly implementation our Bamboo cultivation and Rural housing in Bangladesh projects.

    Approved by,

       Azit Roy

  SAFE, Dinajpur


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  1. Good work Apu – looks great.

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