Monthly Activities Report Of December 2011 – Period from 1st December to 30th December / 2011

                          SAFE BANGLADESH ORGANISATION

                        Monthly activities report of December 2011

          Period from 1st December to 30th December /2011


Introduction: In this Month whither is very cold because of winter season start during this time,   People are very busy planted others crops   some people are repairing they are old house.

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Visit our program from University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) and (CSD) from Dhaka :- In this month visit our program from University of  Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) and (CSD)from  Dhaka. They are visiting specially demonstration house dinajpur and sundarban and subsidy extra materials house in Sundarban & tree plantation program at last visit community group and others. After visit they understand our working approach and technique So they are agree to supports some fund for our program maybe Coming January maybe working with ULAB and CSD.

Bamboo treatment start for Dinajpur Slam: In this month Bamboo treatment start for Dinajpur slam, at fast start Fyma and Rubis house in Dinajpur slam. Everyday working all most six labors some are Dinajpur and some are Sundarban Bamboo treatment with borax and boric acid We hopefully that coming 15january will be start housing work in Dinajpur. This housing money barrow from John.

Attaint the urban forum workshop in Dhaka.  This moth attaint the urban forum in Dhaka from SAFE 3 staff Azit, Pulin, and Primal attain this workshop 5-7 December John all so provide support traveling accommodation and others. The workshop was very nice maybe 2000 people participant this workshop from different country and all so different part of Bangladesh, We are highly presented low cost housing  project urban and rural area in Dinajpur. Participants are very pleased to our presentation

Bamboo Cultivation Rural housing workshop in Sundarban :-  SAFE has successfully run Bamboo Cultivation Rural housing workshop in Sundarban, Dinajpur 22 December 2011. Participants teamed up with local house builders, Bamboo cultivator both men and women.Bangladesh is poorest country and 80% people live in village. So 56% of housing is rural areas. Bamboo cultivation especially northern pat ofBangladesh and hill task but bamboo use all over theBangladesh so need our more bamboo cultivation in our country.

Building for Safety workshop in Sundarban:- This month implementation one long workshop with up to 20 people from differentPara  and local builders. We encourage both men and women to participate our workshop building for safety workshop but also session on softer subjects such as house maintenance and the longer term financial benefits of certain techniques.

Meeting with community group In this month meeting with  community group  one day the group member  are very interesting to  increasing to save money for future now  they are total amount of Taka 5024/- .

Subsidy for extra materials:- This month subsidy for extra materials house already   compiled 5 house in our area  DangaPara, Mitonshah Para . lokhi para Now   house construction time, So people are more Demand about this type of support from us.

 Highlight:-   In this month we are very grateful to that SAFE will be  get partnership with The Center for Sustainable development (CSD)within the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)

Luring: This month more luring about need more communication about funding agency   for develop our project. And need some money for land for office It will be good for SAFE.

Conclusion:-We will hopefully that smoothly compiled our work accordingly project proposal then good for our future project, we shall try to rising local fund and for development our program.

Approved By

Azit Roy                                                                                                                                                          SAFE


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