International Football Match

A highlight of the International Workshop each September, Wednesday saw the 3rd Annual Bangladesh v.s The Rest of the World football match at the Atri river bank, in Sundarbon Village.

Women’s Teams at Kick Off

For the first time in history part of the match was played as an all female game and in scorching heat with very high humidity twenty minutes of play were had by the women before passing over to the men’s sides for the second half.

Azit and Pulin Cheering

Timings were shaky, rules were slightly unknown, and the Foreign teams weighed in at least twice as heavy as the locals. All teams played exceptionally well, and the match was tense and balanced, a goal by Glen Barlow eventually winning the trophy for the ‘Rest of the World’ team. Medals and trophies were collected by the female captains of each team and presentations were given by guests of honour including Robert Hodgson of RedR, Housing & Hazards and Tiverton, England.


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