Completion Of The International Workshop

Masud’s House

Inside Masud’s House

The SAFE Bamboo Building

September the 20th saw the closing ceremony of the International Workshop. The song team performed, and amidst the dancing, thank yous and gifts the international participants gave speeches to highlight how much they have learnt over their time here, how welcome and cared for they have felt and how this experience has helped them to determine that their future may lie in this sort of work. This is the safest and friendliest development experience that the participants say they have ever had, and two weeks just doesn’t seem enough time.

With just a few finishing touches needed to Masud’s house and a great leap forward in the construction of the cement stabilised mud block walls of the office and workshop, the participants hard work is evident and the builders have very much enjoyed sharing their expertise and learning about life elsewhere.

Participants with their Work


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