Community Centre Construction Begins

Side Elevation

Front Elevation

Having been planned through the masters project of Marianne Keating, an architect from Scotland and funded through monies kindly raised by Marianne, work has commenced on a community centre in Jorgon Babur Mart slum. One of SAFEs key plans for the next two months, this project will complete the work in Jorgon Babur Mart started with the ten demonstration houses, and extended with Masud’s house during the International Workshop. It will be the culmination of a successful slum programme that SAFE are hoping to scale down and roll out to the other slums in the Dinajpur area over the next five years if funding can be secured.

A combination of cement stabilised rammed earth and bamboo construction the building will be long lasting and make use of local and sustainable materials. A solar panel will be installed to provide a free and reliable source of power and rooms will be furnished to allow for use as a school, meeting centre, wedding venue and fulfil any other needs of the community.


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