‘Building For Safety’ Workshop

Pulin’s Introductions

Over the course of week SAFE has selected one male and one female from a selection of paras in the area around Benkali Market, Sundarban to participate in a workshop learning about the Small Improvement, better building techniques. One house builder and one housewife from each community, along with all of the new housebuilders currently employed on SAFE projects had the opportunity to Listen – Sing – Share – Understand.

The building for Safety workshop was run by experienced co-ordinators Azit Roy, Pulin Roy and Porimol Roy with help and funding from the UK through Jen Stables. It was a great success, with music and songs about home improvements, team work, presentations, demonstrations of techniques and the SAFE block making machine. Jen Stables gave a short (translated) presentation on cross bracing using a small demonstration frame and a skype call with one of the international workshop participants in the UK really reinforce the message that there are simple, affordable and achievable improvements that people can make to their homes to empower them for the future.

Lunch was cooked up by Lotika Roy and the rest of Azit’s family and thanks goes to the builders for helping to serve the participants. The feedback from the day was excellent and SAFE look forward to running more of these Building for Safety workshops in the future, transferring the knowledge of their excellent programme to people that really need the advice.

Azit’s Mud Block Machine Demonstration

Group Work

Skype Calls


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