Improved Cooking Stoves – Bonda Chula

The Government of Bangladesh is working to provide more energy to its people in order to accelerate economic growth, poverty reduction, and social development, with the support of German Development Cooperation.

Since Bangladesh’s reliance on biomass for fuel will continue for several decades to come, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) has been backing the efforts of its Bangladeshi partners to disseminate improved cooking stoves that use 50% less biomass and eliminate toxic flue gases. The US Environmental Protection Agency suggests each year the medical conditions that result from chronically breathing dirty air prematurely kills almost two million people, usually women and children. This is about twice as many people who die annually from malaria.

Timothy Wirth, president of the United Nations Foundation, in a statement:

“Cooking a meal shouldn’t be hazardous to your health. Cookstoves that reduce fuel consumption and operate cleanly will save lives, prevent disease, provide more time for women and girls to devote to schooling and earn money and reduce environmental degradation.”

SAFE Materials is a business enterprise within ‘Simple Action For the Environment’ that aims to provide local sustainable building products. All materials/products are targeted at low-income households across Sundarban Union, in an effort to improve building conditions and increase longevity.

Bonda Chula

SAFE Materials (with the support of GIZ) now offers improved cooking stoves, ‘bonda chula’ at 700 BDT, including installation. This new addition to the business will also play a key part in ‘Building For Safety’ workshops.


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