Earthen Prototype House

SAFE are working with UK architect, Jo Ashbridge on phase three of a RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) funded project which focuses on the role of earth architecture in low-cost housing provision across Bangladesh.

After extensive research and analysis of local vernacular and NGO/INGO shelter responses throughout the divisions of Rangpur, Khulna and Barisal the project will conclude with the design and construction of a new prototype house for a family with acutely limited assets in Sundarban Union.

Following visits to four local ‘paras’, a hamlet of nine houses within Nobu para has been chosen for further investigation. Over the last few weeks the team have conducted a housing survey to assess current conditions and household assets, and a subsequent meeting with the entire community concluded with a family of five identified as the beneficiary.

Community Meeting

The existing plot, neighbouring dwellings and surrounding landscape have been measured and consultations with the family are creating a vision for the future. Design work is ongoing, with individual and group meetings to ensure participation not only of the beneficiary household but also of the entire community. Collaboration at all stages is a key priority.


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