Nobu Para CSEB/Bamboo House Completion

SAFE have been working alongside UK architect Jo Ashbridge on the construction of a RIBA funded earthen prototype house in Nobu Para this year.  Design was ongoing at the time of our last update; In February 2013 the design phase was complete and preparations for construction began.

A new sanitary latrine was constructed on the site shortly before demolition of the existing house commenced. By March the original house had been fully dismantled and construction of brick foundations for the new building had begun.

Brick Laying

The ground floor was constructed using mud blocks. Blocks were manufactured on-site with SAFE’s block making machine, partly using recycled materials from the original house.

Block Walls

The upper floor and roof were then constructed using a bamboo frame which is treated to improve durability. Features of the layout include a bamboo staircase and balcony. An accurate scale model (pictured) proved very useful in development and communication of the design.


Construction was completed at the end of June. The beneficiaries of the project and the entire team working on the design and construction are delighted with the results.



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