Demonstration houses

Bamboo frame prior to mud wall construction of 'wattle and daub'

Rammed earth wall under construction

We partner with households to construct new houses which will demonstrate our improved techniques. Together with the household and local builders we design and plan the construction and select appropriate Building-for-Safety options. These are options that suit the house-owner’s wants and needs, and are in line with what the owner would have originally paid, costing between 10-20% extra. We aim to split the costs of these demonstration houses with household approximately 50/50.

Between Aug 2010 and May 2011 we have built 4 demonstration houses using a variety of materials: bamboo frame, stabilised rammed earth and Compressed Earth Brick. Reports which detail the construction and the design and Building-for-Safety improvements used are given in Reports.

House built with Compressed Earth Blocks

The construction of these houses have been funded by the Australian High Commission and the British Women Association.


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