Azit   Azit Roy – Executive Director

Azit founded SAFE in 2008 and has been involved in low cost housing projects for over 15 years. He has worked with Housing and Hazards since 1997 when he helped to pilot a series of building for safety workshops in collaboration with shelter after disaster specialist Ian Davis.

He has also worked with Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed, local institutions BRAC University and Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) and as a consultant on post disaster housing projects in the south of Bangladesh for UNDP, Oxfam and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In 2007 he was involved in the construction of a school made from mud and bamboo (METI School) in the Dinajpur region which has since won the Agha Khan award for architecture.


Pulin   Pulin Roy – Programme Coordinator

Pulin coordinates day to day activities at SAFE. He has a background of NGO work in health and education sectors since studying at the Social Leadership Institute of Xavier University in the Philippines in 1998.


Porimol   Porimol Roy – Finance Manager

Porimol is responsible for the day to day accounting and financial management of SAFE. This includes budgeting, reporting on financial performance and grant writing.


Apu   Apu Roy – Project Manager

Apu is project manager for SAFE, leading community engagement, on site work and delivery. Apu has also led a number of high profile projects across the country with organisations AzuKo, Bangla Bari and JAAGO Foundation.



Robert   Robert Hodgson – Founder of Housing and Hazards

Jo   Jo Ashbridge – Founder of AzuKo

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAinAAAAJDNlMzM5MDkwLTdjMTUtNDEyMi05ZWYwLThhMjliMzNjNmEzNA   John Arnold – Civil Engineer @ Build Collective

Fawaz   Fawaz Rob – Founder of Bangla Bari



  • Ishita Alam Abonee – Architecture Graduate
  • Joseph Moores – Structural Engineer
  • Amar Parkinson – Engineer